Authentic Tasks and Rubric project for a fake college.

Logo of a fake college I created for my lesson plan and rubric assignment

This was a two-part project for the Graduate Certificate of Innovating Learning Design at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Using provided learning outcomes, I had to design an authentic assignment for my fake college and include a corresponding rubric for marking and feedback.

Part 1: Designing the assessment tasks

This was a fun project where I designed assessment tasks for set learning outcomes. The tasks had to be suitable for online delivery, authentic, real-world and measurable.

The assignment’s context could be whatever I liked, as long as I aligned everything to the provided learning outcomes.

Here is the student-facing assessment sheet I designed.

Part 2 – Creating an assessment and feedback rubric

The next part of the assignment was to create a 5-level analytic rubric. This rubric had to provide feedback to the student, and use fair and measurable language for inter-assessor consistency.