Bikes, trails and giving back to the community.

Bushrangers Mountain Bike Club Logo variant on green background

My brother and I got back into mountain biking to help with our health and fitness. The nearby club was in rapid decline with the current committee burnt out and membership levels dropping. So we joined the committee to give back to the community.

Bikes, trails and giving back to the community. Michael Johns and his fatbike tearing down a trail in the Wooroi trails network in Noosa

The club desperately needed modernising and a professional image but the first step was to carefully construct a mission statement and club values to help direct our efforts. So in a classic case of “be the change you want to see”, we joined the committee.

We built a new website, newsletter, calendar and a strong social media portfolio. We successfully promoted ourselves to the community, government and landowners and repaired relationships previously damaged. We also secured grants to build new trails and repair old trails and found sponsorships to help with races and training.

Our efforts paid off and the club’s membership soared, our Facebook and Google satisfaction rating was 5-stars and the club now provided extra services for beginners, advanced riders, women and children.