Creating Feedback: An Animated Lesson with Vyond – Review and Insights

Screenshot from a Feedback explainer video made in Vyond

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share a double treat today. First, I recently created an animated lesson about feedback using a free trial of Vyond, a popular animation software. I was happy with the results and the platform’s capabilities. Second, I wanted to take this opportunity to review Vyond based on my experience, offering insights for anyone considering using it.

An experiment with Vyond about the power of feedback in learning.

Creating Feedback, Animated

Before diving into the review, let me quickly showcase my Vyond creation. My goal was to develop a clear and engaging lesson on the importance and techniques of effective feedback. The platform allowed me to easily bring concepts to life with its vast library of animations, characters, and props. It felt similar to building slides in PowerPoint, but with the added dynamic element of animation.

Vyond: Pros and Cons from a User’s Perspective

Now, onto the review! Vyond is reasonably user-friendly. Mastering the interface was intuitive, and the pre-made assets saved me tons of time.

However, navigating the sheer volume of options could be overwhelming for complete beginners. It’s easy to get carried away with the fun element and end up with a visually chaotic mess. To avoid this, I highly recommend planning your storyboard and maintaining a consistent style throughout.

Speaking of technical aspects, being web-based offers flexibility, but I did encounter some saving and exporting issues that required logging out and back in. While not major roadblocks, it’s something to keep in mind for users who prioritise seamless software performance.

I made sure to use high contrast colours and Vyond can also provided captions which works well for accessibility.

The Verdict: Should you use Vyond?

Overall, my experience with Vyond was mostly positive. It’s a powerful tool for creating engaging and informative animated content, especially for those comfortable with planning and maintaining a clear design vision. While there are some potential pitfalls and minor technical glitches, the ease of use, rich design library, and overall output far outweigh them.

So, should you use Vyond? If you’re looking to add a dynamic and visually appealing touch to your presentations, explainer videos, or even educational materials like my feedback lesson, I say go for it! Just remember to plan, design strategically, and be patient if you encounter any technical hiccups.