Safetybooks: Designing, printing and delivering generic and custom job aids.

Simplifying the complex.

Making safety engaging. That’s my passion, and it’s driven me to create innovative, practical checklist books like the ones I sell online. But my journey goes far beyond e-commerce.

From refineries to wind farms.

For years, I’ve crafted job aids for diverse industries. Work instructions for alumina refineries, vaccine management procedures, coal mine maps, pocket guides for wind farms… the list goes on. These were always bespoke, bulk orders for large companies.

Image showing an open Personal Pre-start checklist booklet

As regulations evolved, smaller businesses needed their own Safety Management Systems, with risk assessments, permits, and policies. Generic books emerged, and while a cheaper solution, I saw issues. They lacked customization, user buy-in, and true effectiveness.

The pros and cons of generic checklists

My custom checklist books bridge the gap. They’re tailored to your specific equipment and processes, incorporating user input for ownership and engagement. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about building a safer, more efficient work environment. With smart design and waste reduction, I can offer smaller custom orders at competitive prices.

A shot of the front cover of the Enviro Infrastructure pre-start book
A custom pre-start checklist book for Enviro Infrastructure.

The digital horizon.

Apps and interactive PDFs are evolving, and I’m watching the space closely. They offer potential, but usability, site policies, poor Wi-Fi and reporting challenges remain. Meanwhile, paper still reigns in many contexts, with even electronic signatures needing legislative catch-up.

Communication beyond the page.

Safety isn’t confined to checklists. I believe in creative communication. Engaging signage, stickers, clothing, even lunchroom TV ads – you name it, I can help craft it to reinforce your safety message.

A collection of informational posters

My work is a testament to my diverse skills:

  • Content creation: From clear, concise instructions to compelling safety messaging, I know how to make information accessible and impactful.
  • Research and analysis: Understanding your specific needs and industry regulations is crucial to crafting effective solutions.
  • Project management: From design to printing to distribution, I ensure every project runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Client communication: Building trust and understanding with each client is key to delivering results that exceed expectations.
Diagram of a plant's rhizosphere for Ecogrowth International
Infographic project for EcoGrowth

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, I can help you make information simple, engaging, and effective. Contact me today, and let’s start building a safer tomorrow, together.