Inductions, micro-courses and blended learning workshops.

From interactive e-learning, diagrams and videos to designing multi-faceted safety campaigns, I help organisations solve their training problems.

Tyrepower’s Responsive Training Resources in Articulate Rise 360.

Tyrepower needed an online training curriculum for its Australian and New Zealand staff. My task was to review and rewrite the old induction material and identify and fill in any gaps compared with current practices. The induction needed to be smartphone compatible, interactive and learner-friendly.

There were 24 courses in total from customer service to environmental policy to choosing tyres for electric vehicles. I chunked and rewrote the older material and create new imagery and interactions.

A Case Study in Converting a Cycling Coach Training Course into a Dynamic eLearning Experience

Screenshot of smartphone with MTBA promo video on it

In this project, I tackled the challenge of revamping an outdated paper-based training course for cycling coaches. The original format lacked the flexibility and engagement needed for today’s learners.

Collection of draft storyboard screens and UI ideas

My solution involved designing and developing a comprehensive online course that preceded the practical workshop. This new format incorporated multimedia elements, utilised the smartphone components, and was loaded into a learning management system (LMS) for efficient administration. The online course provides learners with a more engaging and adaptable learning experience, allowing them to access the material from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, the LMS streamlines administrative tasks and offers valuable analytics to track learner progress.

To enhance the learning experience further, I explored incorporating gamification elements like leaderboards and badges. These features can significantly boost engagement, motivate learners, and promote effective knowledge retention. Additionally, digital badges earned during the course can be shared on social media profiles and electronic CVs.

Mock up of a digital badge

AngloGold Ashanti TAKE 5 Training Micro-course.

While at Pertrain, I completed a project to create, print and deliver a series of TAKE 5 risk assessment books to mine sites around the world. This project included translating the various books into Spanish, Arabic and Swahili.

I created an awareness campaign using posters, logo and this interactive micro-course for their LMS. The project included extensive collaboration with the client and various suppliers, such as interpreters, voice-over artists, printing companies and international transport companies.

Siemens Energy Core Induction and “I am Safety” campaign.

This was a large multi-faceted project. A large banner, a 2-day photo shoot, a site-wide poster campaign and then a large HSE induction created in Adobe Captivate.

With camera, banner and green screen in hand, I traveled to Mortlake Power Station in Victoria to help launch the Siemens “I am Safety” campaign and collect material for the induction.

I interviewed and took portrait photos of the management staff which I then turned into authentic posters promoting the “I am Safety” campaign. I also took the opportunity to travel throughout the site taking photos that I could use for the induction.

Everyone signed the banner as proof of their commitment to safety.