My awesome fat bike becomes a sexy and speedy E-bike.

Image of the first electric fat bike project

I love my fat bike, but it was not very practical for commuting to work, which is 20km away from my home. It had low gears, chunky tires and a heavy suspension fork that made it slow and bumpy on the road. So I decided to give it a makeover and turn it into a fast and fun e-bike.

The first thing I did was to install a Bafang BBSHD motor and a battery on the bike. This gave me a lot of power and speed, especially on the hills. I could easily cruise at 25km/h or more, depending on how much I pedaled.

The Bafang BBSHD 1000w motor kit with a downtube mounted battery.
The Bafang BBSHD 1000w motor kit with a downtube mounted battery.

The next thing I did was to replace the suspension fork with a rigid one. This reduced the weight and improved the handling of the bike. I also upgraded the brakes to hydraulic disc brakes, which gave me more control and stopping power.

The last thing I did was to change the tires. I found some road-friendly tires that still had some grip and cushioning, but were much narrower and smoother than the original ones. They also had tan walls, which matched the decals on the frame and made the bike look awesome.

The result was a funky, fast and fat commuter e-bike that turned heads everywhere I went. It was comfortable, reliable and fun to ride. I enjoyed every minute of my 40km daily commute, and I saved money on gas and parking too.

Shot of completed fat bike build against grafetti art
The end product.