Is it weird that I like making checklist forms?

Image showing an open Personal Pre-start checklist booklet

Hi there! I love making complex things simple and fun. That’s why I created these awesome free checklist forms for your equipment pre-starts.

I use my industry expertise and graphic design skills to make:

  • work instructions for alumina refineries;
  • procedures for vaccine management;
  • maps for coal mines;
  • pocket books for wind farms;
  • risk assessments for food management;
  • reference fridge magnets for waste management;
  • safety awareness campaigns;
  • and so much more.
Equipment pre-start checklist forms for Enviro Infrastructure
Equipment pre-start checklist book for Enviro Infrastructure
A collection of informational posters

But I also like to spice things up with some creative ways to communicate, educate or reinforce a message. You can use signage, stickers, clothing, email signatures, coffee cups, PA announcements, on-hold music, car decals, lunchroom TV ads, bags, frisbees and t-shirts.

Do you need that training course?

On a related note, before you start work on some training course do an Action mapping process. You might just find that a well-designed job aid could be all your learners need.