Action Mapping could be the first step for great training courses.

A gallery installation of a giant crazy mind map

Cathy Moore’s action mapping is a step-by-step process for creating training programs that focus on achieving specific business objectives. It’s based on the idea that training should be goal-oriented and focused on what learners need to do on the job to achieve their goals.

The process involves several steps, including identifying the business goal, identifying the performance gap, identifying the critical tasks, designing realistic practice scenarios, and evaluating the effectiveness of the training program.

A recent action map I did using Coggle
A draft action map I created in Miro


  • Action mapping is a learner-centered approach that focuses on the needs and goals of the learners.
  • It encourages designers to think about the real-world application of the training and helps them create more effective training programs.
  • The process helps organizations save time and resources by focusing on the critical tasks and avoiding unnecessary content.


  • The process can be time-consuming and may require significant effort to identify the critical tasks and create realistic scenarios.
  • Action mapping may not be suitable for all types of training programs and may require modifications to fit specific contexts.
  • The process requires a skilled facilitator or instructional designer who has experience in applying the method effectively.
Youtube video – How to create an Action Map with Tim Slade