Have you tried Redacted Poetry? It’s fun and a great ice-breaker.

Redacted poetry (or blackout poetry) is a creative writing technique that involves taking an existing text, such as a page from a book or a newspaper article, and selectively “blacking out” words or phrases with a marker or pen, leaving only a few words visible. The remaining words create a new poem or story that is often surreal, thought-provoking, and unexpected. This technique allows writers to discover hidden meanings and connections within the original text and to create something entirely new from it.

This is a potentially useful tool for learning. Perhaps a good ice-breaker to get the learner’s brain working.

I borrowed a page from International Red Cross’s Framework for Community Resilience document.

For more information about Redacted poetry, check out the following video or visit the Offbeat Poet website at https://www.offbeatpoet.com/post/redacted-poetry-301-what-is-blackout-poetry

How to make a newspaper blackout poem